I will admit to being about the worst blog poster in my neighbourhood so updates on life at Bungalo Books have been few and far between (well actually zero) since my return from Vietnam in 2018. But this Covid crisis is certainly worthy of note.

Fortunately, the pandemic has not touched anyone I know but it continues to pose a risk to my family, friends and colleagues. Life has gotten more isolated so I miss being able to travel around the country to meet colleagues and young readers. But I must admit that on a day to day basis, life at Bungalo World Headquarters hasn’t changed much — rural life in the woods already meant that most business was conducted on the phone or online. (Although my satellite internet has slowed to 1/10th of its usual speed due to an increase in stay-at-home traffic for everyone else.)

Having cancelled my travel plans for the year, revenue from workshops and presentations has dried up but it means there is more reason to start work on some new editorial projects that will require a bit more ingenuity to execute.

I hope life returns to its new normal soon. Take care.


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