Back at the computer

kayak on beach on Halong Bay, VietnamLast fall was a busy one. My travels took me away from my computer and off to writers’ festivals in Whistler and Vancouver, and then to Vietnam to work on an illustrated ebook (for the iPad).

While in Hoi An (near Danang), I avoided Typhoon Haiyan by 12 hours, retreating just in time to the mountains of Sapa near the Chinese border.

In all, I brought home 2,500 photos and a bit of hi-def video. The project has kept me busy since I returned home but I hope to have the book finished by late spring.

cabins in hills of Cat Ba Island, Vietnam

Just One More Paddle, Please…

ice blocks kayakThe temperatures soared toward 10°C the past couple of days so I headed down to my boat yesterday in hope of a paddle. But there was too much ice between me and open water. Darn it.

The Everest book kept me hopping day and night since late July and I seem to have missed a season of paddling… well, except for two fun days in the Thousand Islands in early August. (Yeah, and four days in Georgian Bay.) But my regular morning “commute” to the office by way of Dipper Bay and Birch Lake was totally disrupted.

Guess it’s time to get the skates ready in case we get a hard freeze next week.