Heart of the Himalaya: Update 3

Thanks to everyone who donated to the Red Cross and other relief organizations working in Nepal’s earthquake zone. We’ve heard from many people who downloaded a copy of Pat and Baiba’s Heart of the Himalaya and donated much more than the cost of the book to help the recovery operation.

Reports from the iTunes store show that 179 copies were given away during our special May offer.

Your generosity has been much appreciated.

Free Himalaya Book: Update 2

As the end of May comes closer, news coverage of Nepal’s earthquake recovery efforts has dropped noticeably even though the rebuilding work is just beginning. I’m afraid that our “Heart of the Himalaya” didn’t raise large amounts of money but a few dollars can go a long way in Nepal.

To date we’ve given away 165 copies of Pat and Baiba’s multi-media profile of the Himalaya people — although we’ve had several emails that suggest our supporters gave generously to the cause. A number of readers donated $75-$100 instead of the $10 that was requested.

A “Heart of the Himalaya” presentation in Pat and Baiba’s home of Invermere, raised a further $4,100 recently.

Thank you for your help.

Free Himalaya book: update

donate money to the Red Cross Nepal fundTwo days after Pat and Baiba Morrow announced their offer of free copies of their “Heart of the Himalaya,” 94 people have downloaded the multimedia ebook from iTunes.

The Morrows have asked recipients of their book to please make a donation to the Red Cross’ Nepal Region Earthquake Fund. They recommend a  gift of $10.

Doing What We Can For Nepal

Last week's earthquake has changed life in Kathmandu for everyone.

Last week’s earthquake in Nepal has brought renewed attention to a country that is too often in the news for tragedy on Mount Everest. Sadly today’s headlines are not about risk-taking tourists and climbers but about an entire population that has been devastated.

Adventure photographers Baiba and Pat Morrow have spent 35 years exploring Nepal and its Himalayan neighbours, sharing their love of the people in their recently published multimedia ebook, Heart of the Himalaya. This week, they are encouraging Canadians and Americans to donate funds for the relief effort that is now underway, recommending sending money to the Canadian Red Cross for its Nepal Region Earthquake Fund. Mountain Equipment Co-op is currently accepting money at its retail locations for the Red Cross and has promised to match all its customers’ donations. Likewise, the Canadian government is matching donations to relief agencies until May 25th.

As a modest reward to donors to these or other Nepal earthquake relief organizations, Pat and Baiba are offering Heart of the Himalaya copies free on iTunes (USA and Canada) until the end of May. They are recommending a minimum donation of $10 although the book will be available free on iTunes for anyone interested in learning about the region.

There is no special coupon or iTunes code needed. Just log into the iTunes store and download Heart of the Himalaya. We have set the price at $0.00. Link here for U.S.A. and here for Canada.

We are not sure what financial impact this offer will have for the relief cause but the gift will provide a small reward for people’s generosity — and give donors some insight into the Himalayan people they are helping. Thank you for your generosity.

Connect here for the U.S.A. listing. And here for Canada.