Financial Intelligence

Financial Intelligence’s very long subtitle says it all. It’s “a very practical guide to controlling your spending, increasing your saving and managing your own low-cost investments to create personal wealth.”

Financial Intelligence: A very practical guide to controlling your spending, increasing your saving and managing your own low cost investments to create personal wealthIn this short, readable personal-finance guide, author David Reid explains how to take control of your money — not just spending and saving but also managing investments. (This editor’s favourite advice is how to increase investment returns substantially by replacing commissioned financial managers with self-directed index funds that usually outperform the net returns paid by “the professionals.”)


Even if you decide not to escape the high cost of financial management fees by losing your commissioned investment adviser, read “Financial Intelligence” for its insightful advice on saving and spending — and a clear explanation of various investment tools.

Financial Intelligence’s David Reid is a Canadian but the advice he gives is applicable to investors on both sides of the border. (References to specific mutual funds and index funds are, however, usually Canadian.)

Chapter 1: Spend less than you earn.

Chapter 2: Avoid debt, especially consumer debt.

Chapter 3-6: Explore the obstacles that face all investors.

Chapter 7-12: Understand how to manage/build/balance your own portfolio (with detailed advice on low-cost exchange-traded funds and index funds that perform as well as most “expert“ investments).

Chapter 13: Clarify your retirement goals.

Chapter 14: Understand your investment risks regardless of who manages your money — and why some things don’t go according to plan.

A few hours with this thoughtful and entertaining ebook will put your financial future into a new perspective whether you follow all of its advice or not.

Financial Intelligence will help make sense of your financial future — starting today.

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Dave Reid

Dave Reid, CA, is a financial whiz with a penchant for straight-forward, practical investment strategies. After years of sharing his insights with family, friends and clients, Dave decided to write a book about what he knows best — low-fee, self-managed investments that don’t require constant attention. He refers this approach as a “gone fishing portfolio.”

Dave has a long history with Bungalo Books. His original firm (Reid and Wyngaarden of Kingston, Ontario) provided our newly minted publishing house with all manner of accounting services when it launched in 1986. (And those services continue up to the present through his original partner, Dan Wyngaarden.) Disinterested in keeping track of other people’s balance sheets, Dave followed his interest in financial markets and real estate — making his expertise available to others lucky enough to know him.

Dave claims that his Financial Intelligence book is the extent of his publishing ambition but that is probably what David (The Wealthy Barber) Chilton said too. When he’s not sailing the high seas in his fabulous yacht (just kidding), Dave lives in a rural neighbourhood of Kingston in eastern Ontario.