Press Room

If you are looking for links to press releases, backgrounders and news coverage of Bungalo’s exploits, this is the place to start.

You can get background on author/illustrator John Bianchi here. Sadly he passed away on April 21, 2017.


You can find our Everest: High Expectations backgrounder here. It’s full of information about the book, the authors and our exciting new world of coffee tablet books.

Click on an image if you want hi-res photos of Everest’s cover and author pictures.

  1. Everest: High Expectations hi res cover.
  2. Sharon Wood and Pat Morrow, 2012.
  3. Pat Morrow, Everest summit, 1982.
  4. Sharon Wood, Everest summit, 1986.
  5. Frank B. Edwards (publisher) and Pat Morrow, 2012.

Book cover of Everest: High Expectations