Editorial Consulting

Publisher Frank B. Edwards has been in the magazine and book business since he joined Harrowsmith and Equinox magazines in the 1980s. For more than 30 years, he has been finding interesting and innovative ways to bring photography, illustration and words together. Today, they call it content management — back then, it was editorial leadership.


For the past decade, Frank and his colleagues have been working with clients on traditional projects. Today, they have added e-publishing to their repertoire.

The editorial success of the stunning Everest: High Expectations Multi-Touch e-book for the iPad shows how effective tablet publishing can be. While Everest was a commercial publishing project, the same editorial resources can be brought to bear for agencies, associations and companies that want to dress up their message for an international or national audience without the high cost of printing bills and physical distribution.

Too many expensive studies and reports go unnoticed because the people who produce them don’t have the budget or resources to share them with readers who would care. A  design treatment with graphics and photographs, expertly edited, could turn an unnoticed environmental study, a biological revelation or an important slice of history into a world-class e-publication ready to share with more than 100 million iPad owners.

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