Bungalo’s New Reader series

Get the Reading Bug!

When kids are learning to read, simple is good. And fun is even better!

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That’s why the New Reader series works so well. These delightful books encourage kids to read through repetition, rhythm and, occasionally, rhyme. Kids love them because they can finally read their own stories.

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Uncluttered illustrations (without hi-tech distraction) help potential readers focus on the words and the characters. The pictures and the words work together to tell a patterned story. Children feel comfortable “reading” the story because the words are simple and predictable.

The pictures offer plenty to talk and laugh about — colour, characters, number patterns, emotions, shapes and sizes.

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Parents and primary teachers — including English-as-second-language and special-education professionals — have regularly used the print editions of these books to help kids learn to read for more than 10 years.

Now available as iBooks for the Apple iPad. Click individual titles to visit their listings in iTunes store. Only 99¢ each.

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There are 50 different iTunes stores serving different regions of the world. A search for Frank B. Edwards will give you a full list of iTunes collection of our books. Or go here for a partial list of links.

Troubles with Bubbles coverThe Troubles with Bubbles The zoo animals are dirty at the end of the day so the zookeeper sends them off to the big bathtub. THIS iBOOK IS CURRENTLY A FREE DOWNLOAD.

Is the Spaghetti Ready? coverIs the Spaghetti Ready? The zoo animals are really hungry but even after they get their food they wait patiently for the zookeeper to join them.



New at the Zoo coverNew at the Zoo A little frog has just arrived from his pond and wants to make new friends but everyone is too busy to play with him.

Downtown Lost & Found coverDowntown Lost and Found  The animals wandered away from the zoo and can’t find their way home so they head to the Downtown Lost and Found for help.


Peekaboo at the ZooPeekaboo at the Zoo A visitor to the zoo wants to see the animals but they are all hiding from him. Where are they?

The Zookeeper's Sleepers coverThe Zookeeper’s Sleepers When the animals can’t get to sleep at night, they go to the zookeeper for help. She gives them books to read bedtime stories — but they don’t know how to read.


Nightgown Countdown coverNightgown Countdown Ten farm animals decide to stay up all night, but as it gets later and later, they begin to fall asleep one by one.

A Crowded Ride in the Countryside coverA Crowded Ride in the Countryside The farmer drives his little truck to the country fair but along the way he keeps giving animals rides. Eventually, there are so many squeezed in there’s barely even room for him.

Snug as a Big Red Bug coverSnug as a Big Red Bug WInter is coming and the little red bug can’t find a warm place to sleep no matter what he tries. His friends are worried but they don’t want him living in their fur.