Grades 6 — 8

the cover of Popchuck's GhostBoisterous Neil and timid Adam, 12-year-old best friends, head off to Camp McAbre for the first time with distinctively different attitudes.

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Neil is excited by the thought of several days outdoors with a hundred other kids while Adam hates everything about camp except for the presence of attractive schoolmate Ally. Yet as the days go by, Adam becomes a super camper while Neil is dogged by bad luck that puts him in conflict with the creepy camp director, Charles Atrom.

A bit of late night sleuthing leads Adam into a series of abandonned mine tunnels and glimpses of a ghost who may be responsible for Adam’s troubles.

Written by former teacher (and camp counsellor) Paul Toffanello, Popchuck’s Ghost is aimed at preteens with a love for adventure and ghostly encounters. The story will ring true for everyone who has attended a summer camp. The setting, in fact, is based on a real camp in northern Ontario that was built next to a network of abandoned mine shafts that were strictly off-limits to campers and counsellors alike. (Paul declines to reveal the source of his background information on caves and mine drifts.)

Available as an ebook on Amazon and Apple’s iTunes bookstore, Popchuck’s Ghost is a gripping read that will leave kids laughing and shivering.

Available now at Amazon and iTunes.