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Bungalo Books logoBungalo Books is an ebook publisher producing illustrated books for the Apple iPad. It publishes both adult non-fiction and children’s picture books.

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Bungalo was originally founded in 1986 by editor/writer Frank B. Edwards and his friend John Bianchi, a cartoonist and children’s writer. Over the next 17 years, the two created almost 40 children’s books — with sales approaching 2 million copies. The company went into hiatus in 1999, being replaced by a new imprint, Pokeweed Press.

In 2006, Frank assumed full responsibility for Bungalo Books and Pokeweed Press. No new books were created after 2003, largely due to the downturn in the book publishing industry. John, living in Arizona, pursued a fine art career; Frank continued writing and also worked as a communications consultant for a variety of clients, often on outreach programs for museums and a variety of government agencies such as Parks Canada, the Canadian War Museum, the National Capital Commission and the Archives of Ontario.

In November 2012, Bungalo Books returned to business. It released its first iBook, Everest: High Expectations, and iBook editions of nine of its previously published children’s picture books.

A year later, we published Paul Toffanello’s Popchucks Ghost.

Print editions of its previously printed children’s books (under the Pokeweed Press imprint) are still available through North American distributor Fitzhenry Whiteside. All new projects will be produced as iBooks without print editions.